We started Nascent because we want to use flexible, reliable and affordable training plan templates for our rides and runs.



 Chris Wood

Chris Wood


Chris is full stack developer and has built big data processing websites and accompanying apps in the past. He wanted to link a road cycling training goal with his wearable tech and decided to build a new great system.

 Ilka Weissbrod

Ilka Weissbrod


Ilka is a scientist, did business consultancy and ages ago a sports club paid a transfer fee for her. She wanted an easy to use cycling and running training system without paying a personal trainer and decided to build Nascent.



Dr. Andy Galbraith 

Running Expert

Sports scientist with a focus on the physiology of endurance running performance. A keen runner himself, Andy supports athletes from a recreational to international standard

Twitter: @running_science

Prof. Louis Passfield

Cycling Expert

Sports scientist with a focus on training and applied sports science. Advisor to the British Cycling team for 3 Olympic Games, Louis researches how to model the training process by using data from devices such as GPS.

Twitter: @trainalytics

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Special Advisor



Office Dog

Small in size but definitely not in stature. Günther is a fan of eating smelly cheese and letting his ears flap in the wind during cycle ride adventures in his special rucksack.